Retirement and Benefit Planning

Retirement and benefit planning is more than just knowing what your benefits provide and how much capital you need in order to retire successfully. It’s about defining and quantifying your lifestyle goals for the next phase of life to create a plan that maximizes your benefits and resources to meet your retirement objectives.

Investment Management

We believe that sustainable investment results are built on a strategy that seeks consistent returns, rather than riding a pendulum that swings from large gains in bull markets to huge losses in a bear market. Our goal is to compound greater wealth by limiting portfolio volatility and downside loss.

Estate and Legacy Planning

There are only three beneficiaries of your estate - your family, charity or the IRS. We work hand-in-hand with your estate planning attorney to determine the most tax-advantaged manner in which to direct your assets - both during your lifetime and at death. 

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is often an important part of legacy planning. We help you structure your charitable gifts to maximize benefits to you, the charity and your family. 

Risk Management and Insurance

Life insurance can be a key asset in your estate plan. If you have or expect to have a taxable estate, life insurance, if available, is often the single best way to preserve assets and pay estate taxes. 

Business Succession Planning

For many closely-held businesses, long-term liquidity and succession planning takes a back seat to day-to-day concerns of the business. We can help you develop a transition plan to maximize value and create tax advantages for yourself and your business.