Will Torgerson

SVP, Operations
  • Reduces the friction in day-to-day operations at Stavis & Cohen Financial, whether that means troubleshooting a quick fix or looking forward to future opportunities to provide higher-touch technical solutions for Advisors and Clients.  

  • Volunteer at the YMCA 

  • Graduated in 2010 from American University with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and a minor in Finance

  • Likes to run with his Dog Rookie and wife Kelly, loves to travel either visiting family who lives around the US (San Diego, Colorado, Massachusetts, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida specifically) or to national parks for camping trips. 

  • An avid reader of both Science Fiction and Non-fiction books, especially those concerning economics and history. 

  • Has small beer cellar with a friend and hosts fairly regular tastings during which we often teach people about beer