Have an established business who also face pivotal decisions with respect to who will handle day-to-day operations all the way to continuity of the business... Realize that transitioning their business will require alignment and legal documentation but don’t know where to start with respect to documents such as: their will, a buy-sell agreement, employment agreements, and purchase agreements. Are on the fence on whether they keep or sell their business interest: Keep for family/colleagues OR Sell/Monetize their interest with a third party. Either have family members in the business that they can transition it too OR key people within the business to succeed them. Would like to understand what benefits, either qualified, retirement, plans such as 401(k)s, or non-qualified benefits such as deferred compensation, equity interest to attract and retain the best talent. Have a desire to better understand the different ways that privately-held businesses may be valued. Learn how to minimize taxable income from ongoing operations. Wish to avoid paying more tax than necessary on the sale or transfer of their business.