Our Services

How We Start

We begin most relationships with a financial planning process that allows us to fully understand you and your objectives. We approach your distinct financial needs from a holistic view by demonstrating how one financial decision can affect many other areas of your life. This overall view helps you adapt to changes in your life more comfortably as well as keeping you on track toward your future goals.

  • Financial Planning

    In the financial planning process, we will cover Retirement Planning, Education Funding, Risk Management, Asset Management and Estate and Stewardship Planning.
  • Retirement Planning

    Planning for retirement is a negotiation between balancing current financial needs and creating a funding strategy for retirement. How much do you need to retire? It depends! We evaluate the time, timing and amount of income that you and your family will need when that day comes.
  • Education Funding

    Being able to provide for your children’s, or grandchildren’s, education can be a very high priority for our clients. We address not only the amount, but the various vehicles available to plan for education and beyond.
  • Risk Management

    We help you protect three things: your life, health and property. You may assume that risk or decide to shift that risk to an insurance company. Should you shift the risk, we can help you determine the right kind, amount and structure of your coverage.
  • Asset Management

    Our goal is to help clients compound more wealth over time by utilizing investment strategies that seek to better manage risk. Since large investment losses can hurt more than large gains help, we believe one can make more by losing less. Therefore, our strategy is designed to capture an attractive portion of the upside in bull markets, with a goal of avoiding larger losses during bear markets.
  • Estate Planning

    There are only three possible beneficiaries of your estate-your family, charities, or the IRS. With Estate Planning we help you determine how you want to direct your assets, both during your lifetime and at death. At Stavis & Cohen Financial, we have the extensive experience in complex estate plans to optimize your estate
  • Education & Stewardship Planning

    The next 20 years will witness the greatest transfer of wealth in our history. Our clients increasingly tell us they want to give their kids enough to do something, but not so much that they will do nothing! This is the heart of stewardship – transferring values, not just valuables, to the next generation.

How We Plan

To cover these 6 areas of planning, we begin by creating your personalized Family Website. We analyze your data, make observations and form recommendations based on your specific objectives. We then present our observations and recommendations, and work with you and a team of professionals to implement your chosen recommendations and we monitor results.

  • Family Website

    Financial accounts are aggregated in order to access your real-time balance sheet, along with legal and disaster recovery documents, which are available 24/7 anywhere in the world. All documents, such as wills, trusts, and partnerships are scanned into your private on-line vault with access from anywhere 24/7.
  • Analysis and Observation

    Our analysis allows us to stress test many alternatives regarding your goals to retire, fund college education and transfer your estate in the most tax efficient manner.
  • Recommend

    We present all of the options and proceed to implement the ideas that fit your family’s situation.
  • Implement

    We serve in the role of a financial quarterback to coordinate a multi-disciplinary team of legal, accounting and financial professionals to efficiently implement your plan. We coordinate meetings to include your whole advisory team.
  • On-going Monitoring

    Planning is dynamic. Your financial situation will change, and so will your objectives. As your financial situation and resources change, we work with you to help keep you on track.

How We Invest

At Stavis & Cohen Financial, our investment philosophy is that risk management is paramount.

  • Invest

    Investment Philosophy:
    • Making More by losing less
    • Large losses can hurt more than large gains help.
    • Risk management is essential at all times, as good times can easily turn into bad times.
    Investment Objective:
    • Our goal is to compound greater wealth, not to beat a market benchmark in any given year, as the benchmark can be a pendulum that swings from large gains in bull markets to huge losses in bear markets.
    • We seek to optimize long term portfolio values by limiting downside losses and portfolio volatility.
    • We aim to help maintain our clients’ lifestyles and compound more wealth over the long run.
    Investment Process:
    • We use a “top-down” approach to investing, starting from the big macroeconomic picture and market trends, formalizing our investment committee view, to selecting investments and constructing our portfolios.  Click here to view.
    Investment Approach:
    • We utilize a three-tier strategy when allocating assets:  Click here to view.
      • Core (longer-term holdings)
      • Opportunistic (seeks temporarily mispriced securities) and
      • Portfolio Protection (seeks to behave differently from traditional stocks and bonds).
Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.