Commit to Healthy Habits and Healthy Finances

Every new year is an opportunity for a brand new start. But instead of feeling energized and refreshed during this time, after the holidays we often end up drained, exhausted and overwhelmed, physically and financially. We overeat, overspend, overcommit….and as soon as we start feeling like we can begin to recover, it’s tax time – more stress headed your way. It’s important to pay attention to these feelings and take care of yourself, otherwise health and financial issues can turn into a vicious cycle. How do you prioritize yourself? Here are some ideas.

Make a commitment to yourself to have some physical activity at every meal: take a walk, do 10 jumping jacks or some squats, or hold a 15-second plank. We rarely forget to eat; this strategy guarantees you’ll remember to fit in some exercise, too. If more vigorous exercise is hard for you, hold on to a chair and raise your bent knee as high as you can, one at a time. Or grab a can of soup in the kitchen and do a few press-ups (hold the can at shoulder level and straighten your arm upward, lifting the can above your head) on each side. Even better if you ask someone in your family to do it with you so you have an accountability partner!

As you ride or drive to and from work each day, turn off the radio and listen to some soft music or positive affirmations. These will get you in an uplifted mindset and make you calmer and more productive (if you’re driving yourself, make sure it’s not TOO relaxing!). You may find that over time, you feel more optimistic in general.

Find a folder, large envelope, or even an empty drawer. Any time anything tax-related comes in the mail, open it, review it for accuracy, then put in in this designated spot. When it comes times to do your taxes, you’ll have everything already together and keep hunting and anxiety to a minimum. At the same time as you find your holding location, call your tax preparer and make an appointment. That way you’ll sail into April stress-free!

Whatever you do, just remember to take it easy as Spring arrives. It’s a season of life and renewal, so make sure you give yourself a chance to feel brand new too!

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