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Traditional educational institutions typically do not teach financial concepts that would equip individuals to make sound financial decisions. As Education is a core value of the firm, we strive to educate our clients and their family members so they have the knowledge to make informed decisions for their financial future. Our goal is to open a dialogue between family members, which in turn, fosters action. Our approach may be summed up in a word, ED-U-TAIN-MENT: the act of learning through a medium which both educates and entertains.

Family Financial Forum

Family Financial Forum

Our programs, the Women’s Forum and Stavis & Cohen University, have been designed to create a learning environment that is informative, interesting and interactive, and most importantly, presents material that is effectively absorbed and retained! We combine “geeky” financial knowledge, culled from over 30 years of financial advising and educating, with comedic sketches, and occasionally music to make financial information more accessible to the entire family!

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