A Family Retreat hosted by Stavis & Cohen is an in-depth, multi-generational planning meeting that brings finances and family to the forefront of your conversations. Throughout the program, we provide information to develop a healthy relationship with money and a balanced perspective on what money can and can't do. Our Family Retreat program helps your family come together in a safe, judgement-free environment to create a better understanding of each other to foster a positive exchange regarding money.

Prior to the Family Retreat, each family member takes two assessments that provide a backbone to the analysis done that day. We provide family workbooks for use during the retreat with a substantial amount of content prepared exclusively for your family by our advisory team. Led by Founders and Advisory Team Members, the agenda might include:

  • Review of family biographies to leverage the talent of each individual family member as it relates to managing multi-generational family wealth
  • Development of purposes and objectives for the family
  • Review of the family estate flowchart to create a shared understanding of the estate structure
  • Analysis of the Family Insights and Awareness reports
  • Summary of observations on the Motivator Map
  • Assistance in crafting your Family Mission Statement 
  • Questions from all family members

The ultimate goal of our Family Retreat is to help your family create a legacy that survives multiple generations. Ideally, we prefer to host your Family Retreat when your next generation is in their late teens or early adulthood to lay the foundation for a financial education, however, it's never too late to have the conversation with your children about your family's legacy. To emphasize the desired family bonding aspect of this program, we recommend this type of family meeting be added to the end of a family vacation or held at the family's vacation home.