An informed employee is an empowered employee. As a Human Resources Executive, you know how important it is to provide educational content to your employees. Whether it is a group of C-Suite executives that want more information about navigating their complex benefits plan or a Next-Gen Leadership group that wants to learn more about how to prepare for their financial future, our Corporate Education Programming can provide relevant and actionable content for your audience. 

Corporate Education Programming Options


Senior Executive

An elevated experience. A concise one-hour presentation given over lunch to fit into the busy schedule of a C-Suite Executive. Topics might include maximizing complex benefit plans, leveraging your team of professional advisors to maximize results or planning a family retreat to engage your children in your estate. 


Retirement Ready

A collection of modular presentations intended to help people either five years from, at or five years into retirement. Presentation can be structured as a single session or can recur weekly. Topics might include choosing a financial advisor, preparing your investments for retirement or structure your estate. 


Focus on Women

Innovative presentation intended to help women become better stewards of their own wealth. This isn't just pinkwashing; it's programming developed by women, for women. Topics might include preparing for unintentional inheritance, investing aligned with your values and protecting yourself against risks. 


Next-Gen Leadership

A presentation built for millennials. The modules can be delivered in-person or on-demand online. Topics might include setting up a systematic savings plan, crafting a budget and separating good debt from bad debt.  



Four Easy Steps to Planning Your Corporate Event



Choose Your Audience:

Presentations designed for senior executives, employees approaching retirement, women and next-gen leaders.


Choose Your Format:

Presentations can be as simple as a single hour Lunch and Learn or can be a multi-week offering like we teach at Rice University. Webinars also available.


Choose Your Topics:

Let us know what’s important to you and we can offer topical solutions. Sample offerings listed above, but we can create custom content for your organization based on your needs.


Choose Your Date, Time and Place:

We can host a presentation at your office, a restaurant close to your campus or in the meeting spaces in our own building (seating up to 200).