With a thirty-five year history of teaching at the Rice University Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, Deborah Stavis and Eddie Cohen know a bit about educating Houstonians.

We strive to educate our clients and community members so they have the knowledge to make informed and timely decisions for their financial future. We provide relevant and actionable advice in consumable presentation modules, leveraging our unique edutainment format- education through entertainment - to liven up even the most dry and complex financial topics. At Stavis & Cohen, we have written and produced a portfolio of humorous sketch videos that bring to life the financial issues that impact you and every member of your family.

These three videos represent a small sample of the edutainment videos that we utilize in our family and corporate education programs. Each series has been carefully developed to resonate with a specific audience. Following the Leaders follows a corporate executive after a surprise retirement, Penny Power focuses on the unique challenges facing women and The Greenbacks highlights the challenges of multi-generational planning. 


"Following the Leaders" - Seat Belts

"Penny Power" - "The Golden Years"

The Greenbacks: Birds and Bees